Monday, December 1, 2014

Japanese award winning film screened at NUML

Islamabad, a Japanese film, "Swing Girls" after seven awards, including "the most popular movie" Award winning Japanese Oscars in 2005, was screened at the National University of Modern Languages here Monday.

The film shown was organized by the Department of Japanese language in collaboration with the Embassy of Japan. The show was created by Toshikazu Isamura, Counsellor of the Embassy of Japan, General numl Brigadier (r) Azam Jamal, Director of Planning and Coordination Brigadier (r) Dr Riasat Ali, Dr Asma Naveed, Chief Japanese department heads, teachers and students attended the various departments.

Students and faculty enjoyed the inspiring story of the Japanese school girl whose attempt to turn away from their makeup mathematics education boring and monotonous ended with the formation of a Big Band (Jazz Band) and then get people to accept.

The last minute of his arrival at a music festival in winter and 15 minutes of Jazz Swing performance they deserve praise and make the film a melodramatic end.

Occasionally, Toshikazu Isamura advisor Embassy of Japan, said the Japanese government announced measures underway, where she gave a great importance to the empowerment of women. "As we all know that Japan is a society and growth of the aging population in Japan was very small, it was very difficult, with the pace of growth and development of the world in Japan was to keep the experience. therefore, we believed that women and mothers should add more to take risks and the ability to participate in the growth and development of the Japanese economic and social society, "he added.

Isamura went on to say that since the Japanese company was the parent company given, there were chances of trails and so that Japanese women leave the household and pay more attention to their emancipation by participating in various practices field.

"This film was little thought that, as Japanese women filed participation in various life and make names for themselves and their society," he added.

He said that the Japanese Embassy was aware that numl was an equal partner in support of the promotion of culture and the Japanese language. "We continue such events to promote the culture and the Japanese language in order to learn more chances on the culture and the language they are learning in students of numl have kept," he added.

Numl DG Brigadier (r) Azam Jamal said that the next time such a screening of the film will be organized for the highest level, or as to a wider audience to see these films. He thanked the Japanese consultant for the support and assistance of the Japanese department numl promote Japanese language and culture.