Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Education officer arrested over corruption

Khar: The political administration has senior officials of the Ministries of Education arrested for corruption and abuse of power, sources told Dawn on Saturday.

They said assistant agency responsible for education Lawodan Khan was arrested on the orders of Bajaur Political Agent Mohammad Yahya Alchoon Zada following complaints of corruption, bribes, illegal use and misuse of funds.

The sources said that the education official was involved in the commission of irregularities in the sale of scrap and other waste materials from governments damaged educational institutions to friends and relatives.

They said that the education of the surface was also accused of receiving bribes of teachers and other employees of the Department of Education for their transfers and leaves.

When contacted, assistant arrest education agency confirmed ficer of agency responsible for education Saeed Gul, but said he had no knowledge of the framed charges against the officer stopped.

He said the political agent and other senior administration officials had received several complaints from residents about the abuse of power by Lawodan Khan.

An official of the political administration said that the dawn of a committee composed of representatives of the Ministry of Education and the local government would be formed until Monday to investigate the charges against the officer education in custody.

He said that the operation of the Department of Education has been tarnished by mismanagement in recent years.

The official said that the administration had also received several complaints against officials of various ministries and that serious action be taken against them if they were guilty of any wrongdoing.