Saturday, November 22, 2014

6 teachers for 12 students at Kurram school

PESHAWAR: Despite the severe shortage of teachers in public schools in the Federally Administered Tribal Areas, six expert speakers teach 12 students in a secondary school in a remote village in Kurram.

The school was first in Parachinar, the administrative headquarters of Kurram Agency, established to meet the educational needs of the population.

It was postponed to Lugmankhel in north-west towards the Afghan border, 12 kilometers of eight.

The school was set up in a residential area of two rooms next to the building of the secondary school in Lugmankhel. The Directorate of Education Fata had six expert speakers and two laboratory technicians currently teaching 12 girls are enrolled. First, the number of students in the school was 40, but registration fell by 12 students.

A superficial person said neither students nor science laboratory were there and instead, lab technicians had ordered long ago. He said two rooms were used as classrooms and offices.

You want the manager, the girls academy enrollment of women Parachinar didn, t 'could not get Lugmankhel for education because of its remoteness. Traditionally, educational and health institutions will be given to elders in the tribal areas of political authorities for their support.

Huge chunks of the annual development program are often diverted to such systems, regardless of the needs of local residents. Bureau report